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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Week 8...

As we hurtle to the half way stage of the season faster than Mike Riley can send you off for nothing, Week 8 saw some excellent close games.

Alan Levitt scored 54 for the Principals as they inflicted the first defeat of the season on the Ox-fford. We have had a few 54s this season, how long before another magic 60, I wonder?

The Puss Heads and the Knot Inn are settling in nicely atop the B League, can anyone get to them before the season ends?

The Crown suffered their first defeat of the season in the C League to their long time bogey team the Chester Road Tavern. The Crown, Albion and Lamb Inn are still the teams to catch here.

A full raft of speculation will follow after the next round of games when we will be half way.

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