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Monday, 13 February 2012

Week 12...

We are now two thirds of the way through the season with still all to play for in just about everything. 

Special mention must be made of Andy Ridgway and the Prince of Wales this week. 

A beyond last minute lack of Question Master in the C League meant Andy stepped in to collect the questions and ask them for the PoW who had to play with 3 members only last week. 

Andy – thank you

When your team is asking questions, do make sure all your team members know, and also know where they are going.

News & Views - Week 12 (07/02/2012)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cup and Plate Quarter Final Results and Semi Final Draws

Weeks 10 and 11...

Two week's worth of results this time around. 
Of the games in Week 10, 6 were won by a team who went “first first”, i.e. first in the Specialist Round, with 5 won by teams going the other way around and 1 draw. In Week 11, 7 were won by a team who went “first first”, with 5 won by teams going the other way around.  

There were some comments about Week 11 in terms of the quantity of politics questions contained therein. Some people have had quite enough of politicians altogether as well, it seems!

I was quite happy with the questions, although I must confess to an abnormal interest in politics - there isn't much choice as far as I'm concerned as it is the system by which much does (or doesn't) get done. There were certainly more politics questions last week than you find in a single edition of that well known Westminster farce, PMQs...

The fight for points at the top of the Leagues is getting so tight even Chris Huhne wouldn't give any away. The A League is still within the grasp of several teams, whilst the B League couldn't be tighter, the British Flag and the Waters Green Phoenix now being neck and neck with just "points scored" in it. The C League, like the A League, could go anywhere if one side could just string a run of results together. 

Cup and Plate news to follow...

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