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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Week 9...Halfway...

Here is the full hit of results as we reach the halfway stage of the season and our Christmas break.

Nothing in it at all at the top of the A League with the Ox-fford top by virtue of scoring a handful of points more than the Weaver. The Dolphin remain third with any number of possibilities still on the cards for the second half.

The B League looks likely to be contested between the current top 4. The Waters Green Phoenix lead the way, just 1 point ahead of the Nags Head and the Church House Bollington, with the Castle just 1 further point back in fourth.

It is a similar state of affairs in the C League with 4 teams contesting the honours, the Plough Taverners having a 2 point lead over second placed Waters Green Rams - thanks to a narrow 8 point win in this week's game. The return match in the last game of the season could be interesting...

The Pack Horse Bowling Club are level on points with the Rams with the Knot Know-Alls in a very solid fourth.

Have a great Christmas and see you in 2011.

Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Trophy - Entertainment Scores only

News & Views - Week 9 (14/12/2010)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Week 8...

It has been a while, but we are now up to date with all the Macclesfield Quiz League results to date. The various contests are boiling up nicely and Week 9's games on Tuesday the 14th of December will take us to half-way and a break for Christmas.

Given that New Years Day is a Sunday with Bank Holiday in lieu on the following Monday, we are taking an extra week off – we got “snowed off” in the corresponding week last year, if you remember – and we start again on Tuesday the 11th of January.

If I don’t see you before can I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2011.

News & Views - Week 8 (07/12/2010)

Cup and Plate Quarter Final Draws...

The above games will be played on 25/01/2011.

Questions for the night will be set by the New Castle & the Puss in Boots. They will provide 3 Question Masters each to cover the games to be played.

The Ox-fford & the Nags Head will supply 1 Question Master each which will provide cover for all 8 games.
All other teams have the night off.

A draw will be made as to who will set the questions for the Cup and Plate Semi-finals from the losing teams in the above games.

Cup and Plate Results...

News & Views - Week 6 (16/11/2010) & Week 7 (30/11/2010)

News & Views - Week 5 (09/11/2010)

Monday, 8 November 2010

Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy

The very latest available scores to the end of Week 3...

I know it is a bit crooked. Well, nobody's perfect...

Week 4...

Light nights are now but a distant memory as Week 4 came and went. I'm hoping my science question from last week has gone for some time as well!

Another action packed Tuesday with individual honours going to Keith Pointon from the C League's Waters Green Rams, who outscored everyone else bar none with 45 - well done Keith.

Breaking news from the Church House Bollington who may indeed have broken new ground by fielding League's first German competitor, Christian Stocker. Christian was instrumental in picking up a number of passed-overs and was jubilant when being the only player to know the ‘Fast Eddie’ from Motorhead question. It did however look like he would remain individually pointless until coming up with Jack Nicholson for the very last question of the night. Sadly the Church House were unable to force a penalty shoot-out where Christian would no doubt have been untouchable...

Another enjoyable evening overall. Where else can you combine tokamaks, bog-snorkling, aged high-jumpers and the Lavender Hill Mob? Who needs a TV!

News & Views - Week 4 (02/11/2010)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Cup Round 2 and Plate Round 1 Draw...

Cup - Round 1 Results

Week 3...

Apologies for the delay in posting, but here we are at last.

Some very close games this week with the Cock Inn and Lamb Inn having the closest of all finishing in a draw with 121 each - the second draw of the season at this early stage.

Special mention should be made of Chris Wearne's 45 for the Dolphin Dragons (and Dave Turner's 33), along with the best score of the week, 48 for Rick Davis of the Church House Bollington. Julian Amey of the Plough Horntails also had 42 in the same game.

Keith Pointon from the Waters Green Rams continued his strong start to the season with a 'C League best score of 45.

News & Views - Week 3 (19/10/2010)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Today - Cup Round 1 - Draw Details...

Week 2...

Apologies for the delay in posting so far this season, I promise I will get into the swing of things better shortly!

Week 3's results will follow shortly along with the Cup Round 1 results after those games have been played on Tuesday the 26th of October. A reminder of the draw will follow...

News & Views - Week 2 (12/10/2010)

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New Season 2010 - 2011

As the leaves begin to pile up and bury the last of the fractured dreams of summer, what better than to contemplate a winter of asking (and occasionally answering) daft questions on an ad hoc basis in an ever changing kaleidoscope of locations…it can only mean the return of the Macclesfield Quiz League.

The League AGM and Plate Final took place last Tuesday the 21st of September 2010 at the Weaver on Thornton Square, Macclesfield. The Plate Final was a finely contested affair between the Harrington Academicals and the Waters Green Phoenix, the Harrington Academicals emerging victorious 90-78.

The game was expertly “question mastered” as always by Rick Davis and I would like to thank him along with Allan Sherratt from the Church House Bollington who scored etc. Thanks also to Dave McGuinness and Matt Eagles for compiling the questions.

We will therefore start and play the first round of League games on
Tuesday the 5th of October. This will allow us to play exactly half the League games before Christmas and half afterwards, as we did last year.

You can read all about it here first...or occasionally second. Miss it at your peril!

Friday, 16 April 2010

And finally...

Many thanks to all who attended the Finals Night on Tuesday.

There was an excellent turn-out, the Cup Final was a finely contested affair and the butties were very welcome too. I have only a small number of trophies left in my possession; I will contact the winners separately.

In the Cup, the Dolphin reversed last year's result by beating the Ox-fford 'C' 106 - 97.

Congratulations to all concerned.

Thanks also to our very own George Best and Rodney Marsh, otherwise known as Rick Davis and Allan Sherratt, for asking the questions and scoring respectively – much appreciated, your fine efforts added to the night’s entertainment as always.

Thanks also to the Weaver - a great venue and the hospitality - and sandwiches - were very well appreciated.

See below for all the final information you can shake a stick at, if you are a stick shaking sort of person...

The final trophy of this year will be settled at the start of next season as usual. The Plate Final will be:

Waters Green Phoenix v Harrington Academicals

This game will be played at the AGM before the start of next season, sometime in September, date and place to be confirmed, although the place will undoubtedly be the Weaver!

If I don’t see you before we start again, have a great summer and see you in the autumn when we will do it all again.



Cup Winners - The Dolphin!

Cup Runners Up - the Ox-fford 'C'!

Your Cup Final Scrutineers - Rick Davis and Allan Sherratt

Finals Night - A League Winners - The Ox-fford 'C'

Finals Night - B League Winners - The Knot Inn!

Finals Night - C League Winners - The Lamb Inn!

Finals Night Pictures...sobriety optional!

Final Scores...

And so it ends…

18 weeks of titanic struggle has concluded and congratulations are due to the triumphant teams you can identify from the scores below, along with commiserations to those less successful - next season it all starts again..!

In the A League, the Ox-fford ‘C’ deserve all the congratulations for winning the title for the very first time, relegating last year’s winners (and stable mates) the Ox-fford into second place.

The Nags Head and the Castle fell through the relegation trap-door, but both teams will be missed and were excellent opponents (and very good company) through the season.

Mark Watson won the A League Individual standings with Haydn Thompson second and Alice Walker third, sharing the top three places between the Ox-ffords.

Very special mention must be made of Haydn Thompson who scored the magical 60 out of 60 full house personal score on the 17th of November 2009. This is only the second time this has happened in League history, the mighty Alan Hodgson being the first to crack it.

Haydn – hats off…

The B League saw a tight finish to the season with the Knot Inn winning the title by just one point from the British Flag. Congratulations to both teams - a wonderful effort and promotion to the A League looms.

The Plough Taverners and Pack Horse Bowling Club will start next season one rung lower, but their time will surely come again.

Art Higham won the B League Individual title for the very first time, just pipping John Hargreaves from the Albion and Rick Davis from the Church House Bollington, both stalwarts at this lark for many years.

In the C League, the Lamb Inn won the title and promotion after just missing out last year - congratulations to all for a fantastic season. They will be a force next year in the B League, as will the Cock Inn who had an excellent campaign in finishing a very deserved second.

Andy Bailey won the C League Individual title by a goodly margin, a second win in 3 years for this title for him. Paul Griffiths and Jackie Hulme – regular “Top Tenners” – did even better this year in finishing joint second for the Lamb Inn and Cock Inn respectively. David Cooper secured a first well deserved “Top Three” finish for the Baths Speedos.

In terms of questions, the Dolphin won the Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy with their Specialist questions from Week 9. This is the first time the Dolphin have ever won this trophy – well done indeed.

Final Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy

Final League Standings...A, B and C...

Final Week Results - 23/03/2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

Tempus fugit...

Apologies again for the late updating and tardy blog-keeping, pressures of that dreary work business have been allowed to hold sway lately.

Tuesday the 23rd of March sees the last League games of this season – the postponed Week 10 games – with much still up for grabs. As the dust starts to think about settling on another season, some of the issues are starting to be decided. Tonight will see the final calculations fall into place.

The last remaining entertainment for the season will then be the Finals Night at the Weaver, Thornton Square, Macclesfield, Tuesday 13th April 2010, 7.30pm onwards for prompt 8pm start.

The evening will consist of the Cup Final initially and then the presentation of all this season's prizes.

The Cup Final will be (for the second year running) between the Dolphin and the Ox-fford ‘C’.

If you haven’t done so already, please submit your 20 questions for the Cup and Plate Finals in a sealed envelope to Waters Green Tavern by close of play tomorrow. Thank you to all those who have sent in questions already.

Also available on the Finals Night will be the season's last News & Views, which will give all the tables and statistics for the entire season.

Please support the last “Do” of the season and come and collect your final News & Views - you may even find you have won something!

See you all then if not before.

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