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Sunday, 28 September 2008

New Season 2008 - 2009

As the rains of summer give way to the sunshine of autumn, the fancies of young and old men and women turn to thoughts of answering (or not) daft questions on a Tuesday night, for no better reason than we like to do so.

Macclesfield Quiz League returns for what I reckon is the 28th or 29th season and if there any historians out there who can tell me definitely one way or the other how long we have been doing this, feel free to let me know.

The first business is, as ever, the AGM, where we will play the Plate Final to boot. The date for the AGM will be decided in the next couple of days and the date will be posted as soon as I know it.

Unless the Large Hadron Collider turns itself back on and does something to us whilst we aren’t looking, the date will be either Tuesday the 14th of October or Tuesday the 21st of October at the Weaver, Thornton Square, as usual. We will play the final first of all and then conduct our other business. Watch this space for an update…

This year the Plate Final is between the Knot Inn and the Principals. Questions are in hand courtesy of the Castle with assistance from the Sutton Church House from amongst those submitted by you all at the end of last season.

As I write, I can announce that one new team have expressed a wish to join this year, namely the Lord Byron on Chapel Street, Macclesfield. They are most welcome and if all goes to plan I will start them off in the C League as is customary.

All being well the first game of the season will be Tuesday the 4th of November – the week after half-term, as is now customary.