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Monday, 16 May 2016

Dates for 2016/17!

Before summer really sets in (it’s going to rain tomorrow…) I’ve been looking at dates for next season so that we can get an “AGM” date in the diary which suits both teams playing in the Plate Final and which would allow us to start the season as near to the beginning of October as possible. The below looks the best bet!

The Plate Final is between the Wharfies and the Dolphin Dragons. I’ve spoken with both teams and Tuesday 13 September is the best date for both of them to field “full strength” teams, so we are going for that date for the AGM.The Weaver is booked, so get that date set in stone.

I’ll then have a couple of weeks to sort all the fixtures out etc, which can be collected on Tuesday 27 September and that would make the first games of next season on Tuesday 4 October. 

If we start on 4 October, that would give us exactly half the season before Christmas and half afterwards, plus we would finish and be done and dusted before Easter, which is a bit later next year. 

Hopefully that will give everyone a bit of certainty. Have a great summer and I’ll see you at the start of next season if not before.