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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Happy Holidays...

As usual, following on from yesterday's Week 7 games (results to follow ASAP), we are taking the next two Tuesdays off before returning to the fray on Tuesday the 5th of January 2016. 

If I don’t see you before, I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas, together with a healthy and peaceful 2016.  

News & Views - Week 6 (08/12/2015)

Monday, 7 December 2015

Next week – No C League Question Masters…

A reminder that next week – 15/12/2015 – is the last round of games before Christmas and more crucially that all 8 C League teams are playing each other and thus there is no team to act as QM in the C League.

On these occasions, the “Home” team are obliged to provide a Question master, so please do make arrangements for next week.

The four C League Home teams next week who need to provide a QM are:-

  • Park Timers
  • Brewers Arms
  • Pack Horse Bowling Club
  • Harrington 'B'

News & Views - Week 5 (01/12/2015)

Monday, 30 November 2015

Quiz Comments...

Nick’s blog has seen a very welcome increase in comments in the last few weeks and many of us playing have joined in and left our thoughts online for the world to see. We must thank “Alan a’Dale”, I think, for kick-starting this latest outbreak of healthy interest in what we do on a Tuesday evening.  

Please carry on expressing views via that forum, which if you haven’t tried it before (how can you not have…) can be found at www.nicksquiz.blogspot.co.uk. Whilst I’m commenting as well, just a couple of things I want to mention:-

More than one Question Master has told me that they’ve had a tricky time at some games recently where the teams involved haven’t been best pleased with some of the questions. As a result, some individuals have given the QM a metaphorical poke in the eye with a sharp stick, often when that QM has either had no influence at all on the questions or has made some vetting suggestions which haven’t been acted upon.

A famous film quote (could be a question one day) says that there is “nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot”, which I’ve adopted as one of my little life rules, but please don’t take out your (sometimes quite understandable) frustrations with the questions on those who are not responsible for them, rather give the questions an appropriate mark if that is an option and vent your frustration along with the rest of us via the forum above!

Finally, and again in response to a couple of comments (no more than that so far) this season, can I just remind all concerned to be careful with writing down answers to questions on pieces of paper whilst the quiz is in progress. I’m sure every team does this, i.e. whilst a question is being asked of a player, the other 3 players are conferring and scribbling down possible answers for as and when they are called upon. Please make sure that the person answering the question can’t possibly see what it is anyone else has written down until he or she formally presses the “confer” button. 

Cup & Plate Results + Quarter Final Draw...

News & Views - Week 4 (17/11/2015)

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Thus far...

Three weeks in and  things are starting to take shape - of sorts, anyway. Even Eric Pickles is a shape, although I can't think of what you might call it...

The Ox-fford 'C' - newly energised with the returning Haydn playing his full part - are the only unbeaten team in the A League at this early stage. 

The British Flag have a similarly impressive "full house" in the B League, as do the Church House Bollington, albeit the CHB have only played twice thus far. 

In the C League, The Pack Horse Bowling Club and Sutton Club remain the only unbeaten teams although again they've just played twice. 

One more week of League games and then back to the Cup and Plate...

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Monday, 19 October 2015

News & Views - Cup Round 1 Draw

Version 35 - 2015/16

As surely as the Prime Minister's face gets smoother and shinier, Macclesfield Quiz League returns for its 35th season. We are a touch later than usual, but better late than never, as I always say - although I don't say that about my mother, thinking about it...

At the AGM last Tuesday we had an excellent Plate Final which ended in an 85 – 69 win for the Waters Green Lemmings over the Park Taverners. Congratulations to both teams for an exciting contest.

Thanks also to the Nags Head and Cock-A-2 for sorting out an interesting and testing set of questions.

The game was expertly question mastered as ever by Rick Davis and I would like to thank him, as ever, for all his efforts in making the evening such a good one.

The AGM took place straight afterwards and details have been circulated by email. 

We start the season tomorrow, Tuesday 20 October, and the first round of the Cup is next Tuesday 27 October - details to follow ASAP...

Monday, 27 April 2015

And finally for 2014/15...


Many thanks as always to all who attended the Finals Night last Tuesday. There was an excellent turn-out and photos are posted below, all things being equal.

The result of the Cup Final saw the Waters Green Rams retain the Cup for the second year in a row after beating the Weaver by 116 – 109 in a very close and entertaining game. Congratulations to all concerned.

Thanks must go to Rick Davis and Ashton Davies for asking the questions and scoring respectively, along with the Ox-fford who prepared the questions from all those submitted by all teams. An excellent effort by all concerned.   

The final trophy of this year will be settled at the start of next season as usual.

The Plate Final will be:-

Waters Green Lemmings v Park Taverners

This game will be played at the AGM before the start of next season, date and place to be confirmed. The Nags Head and the Cock-A-2 will assemble questions for this game from those not used for the Cup Final.

An excellent season saw the Church House Bollington win the C League with the Lamb Shanks also promoted in finishing second. The Church House have gone from the A to C League in successive years, so they are on the way back!

The C League Individual title was shared for the first time by Church House team-mates Rick Davis and Ashton Davies. This is the first title of any kind for Ashton whilst Rick won this title in 2005/06 and has won 3 B League Individual titles since then.

In the B League the Robin Hood emerged triumphant at the top of the tree, winning their first ever League title. The Waters Green Lemmings finished second, thus both teams will play in the A League next time around.

The Robin Hood also won the inaugural Nine-Banded Armadillo Trophy for the worst question of the season. “Cucumber Time” indeed…

Jim Kennelly bagged the B League Individual title which he adds to his C League Individual title in 2011/12

The Ox-fford were crowned A League Champions for the first time in six years since they last won in 2008/09. The A League was incredibly competitive this year with “everyone beating everyone else” to use a well-worn phrase.

The Ox-fford also won the Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy for their Specialist questions from way back in Week 1, giving them their fourth win in a row of this trophy. Thanks as ever to Allan Sherratt for his support.

Thanks also to Olympus Trophies and Sam Baker for all his efforts in providing the trophies – very much appreciated as always.

If I don’t see you before, have a great summer and see you in the autumn when we start again…



Finals Night Photos - 21/04/2015

Prizes for presentation...

Assorted Dolphins...

...and a few more

Some Shanks...

...and some Park Timers

Tying the Knot...

Covering more miles to get here than anyone else - Mr Andy Johnson

Merry Men (and Woman) from the Robin Hood...

Half (ish) of the Ox-fford 'C'...

Horntails and Taverners...

Your Cup Final Officials - Rick Davis and Ashton Davies...

Cup Finalists - Weaver

Cup Finalists - Waters Green Rams

Cup Runners-up - The Weaver

Cup Winners 2015 - The Waters Green Rams!

Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy Winners - Ox-fford!

Nine-Banded Armadillo inaugural winners - the Robin Hood!

Joint winners of the C League Individual title - Rick Davis and a plate...

...or more accurately, Church House Bollington team-mates Rick Davis and Ashton Davies!

C League Champions - Church House Bollington!

B League Individual Champion - the Robin Hood's Jim Kennelly!

B League Champions - Robin Hood!

A League Champions - Ox-fford!

Final Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Questions Setters Trophy 2014/15

Final 2014/15 Standings - A, B & C...

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