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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cup & Plate Quarter Final Draw...

Cup & Plate Results

Week 6...and respect is due...

…to Haydn Thompson from the Ox-fford ‘C’ for hitting the magic “full house”, top of the shop 60 out of 60.

20 questions, all answered correctly. I take my metaphorical hat off to you...

Haydn is only the second person ever to achieve this mighty feat, following Alan Hodgson on 31/10/2006. Two people only have done this in the wrong end of 30 years, which suggests it is not easy!
It is noticeable that both times the big number has been scored, it has occurred in games against the Castle, played at..the Castle! Clearly this the venue where magic happens!
Haydn - many congratulations, we are not worthy.
A celebratory photo of Haydn (and Alice, from last Finals Night) seems appropriate...

News & Views - Week 6 (17/11/2009)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy

The very latest available standings...

Week 5...

Tighter than the next round of public service spending settlements at the top of the A League, where 5 teams find themselves with 6 points after 4 games, all only being separated on "points scored".

The Ox-fford 'C' just head the table from the Weaver, followed by the Dolphin, Ox-fford and Dolphin Dragons.

Stuart Rowbotham scored a personal best 36 as the Dolphin beat the Ox-fford in that often seminal showdown, despite an excellent 36 from Laurence Plant for the Ox-fford. The Ox-fford 'C' had the better of their game against the Pussycat Guys, Alice Walker and Alasdair Reid top scoring for each side respectively with 36.

Robin Morrell scored a week's best total of 39 for the Dolphin Dragons as they beat the Harrington Academicals, whilst the Weaver racked up the highest total of the week (165) with an ominously solid all round performance against the Castle. Alan Levitt top scored for the Thornton Square outfit with 36 whilst Graham Bailey had a season's best 33. Jeff Corry manned the Castle's ramparts to best effect with 30.

The Knot Inn continue their scorching start to the B League season, now standing at 5 wins from 5 games and one of only two teams unbeaten in any League thus far. Art Higham equalled Robin Morrell's 39 in a "pb" for the Knot.

It remains quite tight behind the Knot with the New Castle, Waters Green Phoenix and Albion all jockeying for 2nd spot.

Jon Thompson had his best score of the season (30) as the the Phoenix beat the Plough Taverners. The Albion continued their very effective form with a win over the Pack Horse Bowling Club - John Hargreaves leading the way again with 24.

The New Castle just lost out to old rivals the British Flag, for whom Ian Tams had a "pb" 33.

The Baths Speedos are the only other unbeaten team with a perfect 4 out of 4 start which leaves them heading the C League. They had a close one this week against the Moores dynasty at the Chester Road Tavern, but main man Andy Bailey and Darren "Skyscraper" Stoddart each scored 27 for the 'peeds to carry them home.

The Cock Inn's win over the Waters Green Rams keeps them in second place with Jackie Hulme's 27 taking her to second in the Individual table.

Win Greenwood is firmly ensconced in the Top 10 individuals too and her 27 helped the Sutton Church House to a convincing win over the Royal Oak.

Finally, that stalwart performer Geoff Parkin chipped in with another invaluable 27 as the Harrington 'B' worked the oracle over the Crown.

News & Views - Week 5 (10/11/2009)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Week 4...

Some very close games were fought out this week, 3 of them finishing with victories by a margin of just 1 point along with 1 match with a 2 point winning advantage.

It was also “Derby Day” for many of the pubs with two teams playing from the same premises. In the A League, the Ox-fford just edged out the Ox-fford ‘C’ 146 – 134, Mark Watson top-scoring for the Ox-fford whilst Haydn Thompson and Alice Walker continue their neck and neck similar scores for the Ox-fford ‘C’ with 33 apiece.

The Dolphin Derby ended with victory for the Dolphin over the Dolphin Dragons by 149 – 129. Alan Hodgson scored 33 for the Dolphin whilst Peter McBride and Stuart Rowbotham also scored excellent 30s. Liz Horrocks scored a season’s best 42 whilst Chris Wearne also had a “pb” with 33 for the Dragons.

In the remaining game, the Harrington Academicals scored their first win of the campaign with a 144 – 113 victory over the Castle, assisted by 33 from silver fox Stuart Mills. Jeff Corry top scored with 24 for the Castle.

The B League saw 2 of the games with 1 point margins. The Plough Derby finished with a 123 – 122 win for the Taverners over the Horntails. Phil Davies scored 30 for the Taverners and Malcolm Asquith did the same for the Horntails.

The other nail-biter was a 124 – 123 win for the Albion over the New Castle. John Hargreaves scored a top class 39 for the London road outfit, whilst Graham Wallace was as reliable as ever with 30 for the Church Street boys and girl.

The Waters Green Phoenix move to third in the table with a 144 – 115 win over the British Flag. Bob Langstaff used the acquired knowledge of his 85 years (at least, surely…) to score 39 for the WGP, whilst Wendy Brown had her second 30 in three games too to enter the “Top 10” individual table. Ian Tams flew the Flag’s flag most strongly with 27.

The unstoppable force that seems to be the Knot Inn continued their 100% start to the season with a 122 – 116 win over the Church House Bollington. Brian Bogie top scored for the Knot on the night with 27 whilst Art Higham’s 21 leaves him joint top of the Individual table along with Bob Langstaff from the Phoenix and the New Castle’s Shauna Barstow. Ed Baron and Rick Davis both scored 27 for the CHB.

The Baths Speedos remain the only unbeaten C League team after their 125 – 106 win over the Sutton Church House. Andy Bailey (36) and Dave Cooper (33) top scored for the Speedsters whilst Win Greenwood did the same with 30 for the Church House.

The Church House’s near neighbours at the Lamb Inn top the table after their 113 – 112 win over the Royal Oak. Marshall Barnard pulled out the stops with 33 for the Lamb whilst Chris Bogie (27) and Alan James (24) did the Royal Oak proud.

Just 2 points separated old rivals the Chester Road Tavern and Waters Green Rams, with the CRT (which sounds like some sort of drug) having the edge this time. Tony and Jim of the Moores dynasty scored 24 whilst Bill of that ilk had a season’s best 21.

A very warm welcome back to this arena is extended to Steve Auty who rolled back the years with 30 for the Rams. Steve – good to see that you never forget any of this stuff!

Finally, the Harrington ‘B’ beat the Cock Inn 124 – 104, Geoff Parkin and John Green chipping in 24 apiece for the Harrington, Jackie Hulme doing likewise for the Cock.

News & Views - Week 4 (03/11/2009)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Cup Round 2 and Plate Round 1 draw

Cup - Round 1 Results

Week 3...

Early doors still results-wise, but the A League has 4 teams on 4 points. The Weaver still head the list followed by the two Ox-ffords and the Dolphin Dragons.

The next round of games sees the Ox-fford derby so another unbeaten record will go (barring a rare draw) and there will be a mighty contest at the Dolphin as the Dolphin derby takes place on the same day.

The Knot Inn and the New Castle are setting the pace in the B League with 3 wins out of 3 games each. the next 6 teams are all on 2 points with only the Pack Horse Bowling Club yet to get off the mark

The C League has similar congestion at the top as per the A league. The Cock Inn, Lamb Inn, Crown and Baths Speedos are deadlocked on 4 points with the next 4 on 2 points. The Waters Green Rams still await their first win of the season.

On the subject of first wins, congratulations to the Royal Oak who scored their first victory in this forum by beating the Rams 106 - 92 this week.

News & Views - Week 3 (20/10/2009)