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Thursday, 1 May 2014

And finally for 2013/14...


Many thanks as always to all who attended the Finals Night on Tuesday. There was an excellent turn-out and photos are posted below, all things being equal.

The result of the Cup Final saw the Waters Green Rams beat the Dolphin Dragons by 112 – 97. Congratulations to all concerned.

This was indeed a mighty effort by the Waters Green Rams who have enjoyed their most successful season ever. They are also the first team other than one from the Dolphin or Ox-fford to win the Cup since at least 1998. Well done indeed to them.

I’ve had a bit of time on my hands lately as you know – and if you didn’t, you could probably guess from the above piece of information!  I am trying to fill in just a few “blanks” in Macc Quiz League history as to who won what when etc. I don’t have a proper record of who won the Cup in 1990, 1991, 1994, 1996 or 1997. If you can assist, please do!

Thanks must go to Rick Davis and Neil Drummond for asking the questions and scoring respectively. Thanks also to Brian Bogie of the Knot Arf and Graham Bailey from the Weaver for question preparation. An excellent effort by all concerned.   

The final trophy of this year will be settled at the start of next season as usual. The Plate Final will be:-

Robin Hood v Cock Inn

This game will be played at the AGM before the start of next season, date and place to be confirmed. The Knot Know-Alls and the Park Taverners will assemble questions for this game from those not used for the Cup Final.

An excellent season saw the Nags Head win the C League with the Bate Taverners also promoted in finishing second. These two teams were relegated last season and bounce back to the B League at the first time of asking. Best wishes also go to Andy Johnson from the Nags Head, currently recuperating at home after some surgery. Andy must surely have clocked up more miles than anyone in travelling to play in the League over the years and I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to his return next year.

Phil Davies from the Bate Taverners won the C League Individual title for the first time.

In the B League the Waters Green Rams emerged triumphant at the top of the tree and after Tuesday they have done the Cup and League Double – a fantastic achievement. The Harrington Academicals finished second and both teams will play in the A League next time around.

Keith Pointon bagged the B League Individual title for the third year running (having won the C League equivalent the year before that).

The Weaver were crowned A League Champions and rightly so after losing the fewest games of any team in the A League and they are very hard to beat at any time, covering most subject areas between all the members of the team. This is their second win in four years and no one should rule out a few more yet.

As for the A League Individual winner, even Betfred have stopped taking bets that anyone will ever catch his record number of such titles – this is the 12th since his first in 1994/95. Step forward Alan Hodgson. Well done sir and no more than you deserve.

The Ox-fford won the Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy for their General Knowledge questions from way back in Week 1, giving them their third win in a row of this trophy. Thanks as ever to Allan Sherratt for his support.

It occurs to me there is just one more issue to be settled along with the Plate Final – how about a few more nominations for the Nine-Banded Armadillo Trophy for the season’s daftest question? You know where to send them…

Finally, my thanks once again to Rick Davis who stood in to provide News & Views updates in my absence at the end of the season. I continue to improve with every week that passes and my thanks to all of you for all your kind messages in recent months, it is much appreciated.

If I don’t see you before, have a great summer and see you in the autumn when the ball will roll once more…



Finals Night Photos...

Prizes to be won

That thing's going to fall on his head in a minute...

This season's biggest collectors of silverware - the Waters Green Rams!

Bate Horntails

Dolphin Dragons

Half the Ox-fford 'C'...

Harringtons Various...

Knot Know-Alls

Park Timers

Leaning Tower of Pisa impersonator plus assorted Phoenixes...

Cup Runners-Up - the Dolphin Dragons! (What on earth has Liz just seen?)

Cup Winners - Waters Green Rams!

Cup Final Question Team - Allan Sherratt, Rick Davis and Neil Drummond

C League Winners - the Nags Head!

B League Individual Winner - Keith Pointon!

B League Runners-Up - the Harrington Academicals!

B League Champions - the Waters Green Rams!

A League Winner for the 12th time - MQL Main Man Alan Hodgson!

A League Runners-Up - Ox-fford!

A League Champions - the Weaver!

Final 2013/14 Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy...

Final 2013/14 League Standings - A, B and C...

Results - Final Week 18 (01/04/2014)