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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Week 8...

Last Week’s Sport Round…

As everyone spotted, there was no Sport Round last week which meant I had quite a few text messages and phone calls just after 8pm last Tuesday enquiring what to do next!

The Plough Taverners set the Specialist Questions last week and they did the entire photocopying etc. too. I’ve spoken with the Taverners and they tell me it seems as though the photocopier they used must have had a bit of a glitch and fed through the Sport round stuck to the back of the round before it. The sport questions had all been written, they just never emerged from the copier and thus none of the games had a “sport” round.

Happily everyone found a way around it and played on and if that is the worst thing that happens to any of us this year, we’ll have done very well!

Speaking of which…

2016 is nearly over…

…and about time too, good riddance to it!

Tonight sees the last games of the first half of the season; we will be exactly half-way through 2016/17 as we pause for Christmas.

I will try and get the News & Views with the results of tonight’s games out ASAP in case there’s nothing on the TV in the next few weeks….

We are taking the next three Tuesdays off before returning to the fray on Tuesday the 10th of January 2017.

If I don’t see you before, can I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas, together with a healthy and peaceful 2017.


News & Views - Week 8 (06/12/2016)

Monday, 14 November 2016

Week 5...


Congratulation to the Dolphin’s Alan Hodgson for a fantastic 57 this week. The only one to evade him was Q42 in the GK regarding the “Grand Theft Auto” game, although Alan can console himself with being in that rarefied group who have hit the magic 60 mark previously!

Indeed Alan is one of only two people ever to have scored 60 out of 60 in this forum, the other being Haydn Thompson.  Alan scored his 60 ten years ago now in 2006 and Haydn’s followed in 2009. Only two people in 35 and a bit years shows it isn’t easy! 


You may have seen the below comment posted on Nick’s blog last week which is looking for people who may be interested in applying for Series 2 of the BBC Quiz “The Code”. I must confess to having missed Series 1 completely!

It looks like the closing date for applications is 25 November 2016, so here is the message with link to the application form if you might be interested…

I’m Dean, I’m a casting researcher here at Primal Media (used to be Gogglebox) I am currently casting for the returning BBC1 quiz series The Code.

I came across your details online and was wondering if you could help us spread the word among your fellow quizzers! This is a really fun quiz and there is also the opportunity to win a jackpot that could be thousands of pounds.

I have attached a flyer that we hope you wouldn’t mind posting on your social media accounts or on a notice board. You can get the application forms from here… 


Thanks for your help

Many thanks  


Next week – Cup and Plate… 

We return to the Cup and Plate next week and a reminder of who is doing what and where can be found in my post of 31 October.

News & Views - Week 5 (08/11/2016)

Monday, 31 October 2016

Cup and Plate Draws...

The Cup and Plate will progress as follows this year:-

The 10 losers of the Cup Round 1 games go into the Plate whilst the 10 winners are joined by the 6 teams who had “byes” or set / asked questions last week to make up the last 16 for the Cup.

The 10 teams in the Plate have all played and lost one game and 2 of those teams have been drawn to set questions for the next round, along with a further 4 teams to act as Question Masters for all the games.

Just 2 of the 10 teams in the Plate need to be eliminated to leave us with the last 8 next time, so there are just 2 games between the remaining teams in Plate Round 1.

After the next round we will be left with 8 teams in the Cup and 8 in the Plate.

The Draw is as below...


Cup Round 1 Results

Sunday, 16 October 2016

In Memoriam - Rick Davis

Allan Sherratt, a long-time member of the Church House Bollington team and a good friend of Rick Davis and his family, spoke with me some weeks ago about the possibility of a Quiz League trophy being presented each year that would have Rick’s name attached to it.

Rick’s mother, Zena, would be very happy to have Rick’s memory perpetuated in this way and she would also supply a new trophy for the purpose. We did mention the subject at the AGM, but the best way to decide how to do this is to canvas opinion from all concerned, hence that is what I’m doing now.

The Committee are more than open to the idea and initial thoughts are around a completely new trophy of some sort, perhaps one awarded for best refreshments at the end of the night, or best all round hospitality of some sort? That thought occurred to us only as it was a subject Rick was always interested in, but we are open to any suggestions anyone may have!  Best Question Master also occurred to me, as Rick was so good at doing that job.

Please let me know what you think of this idea and how best we may bring it about, or indeed any other ideas that you have along these lines. It would be ideal to have something in place before the end of the season.

News & Views - Week 2 (11/10/2016)

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Season 36!


I’m pleased to report that all went well at the AGM and Plate Final on Tuesday this week.

The Plate Final was well-contested with the Dolphin Dragons beating the Wharfies by 107 – 97 in the end. Well done to both teams and a picture of the winners is below.

Many thanks to Haydn and Alice for asking the questions along with the Sutton Mutton and Pack Horse Bowling Club for setting them. 

AGM-wise, the bottom line is we have exactly the same number of teams as last year so all the teams who were promoted / relegated last season will go up / down as planned and it will be 9 teams again in the A and B Leagues and 8 in the C League. 

Subs remain the same too at £50 per team, no increase again this year. 

What happens now?

I will now stare into the middle distance for a period of time and then sort out the fixtures…

Fixtures / rules / documentation etc. can be collected – and the £50 subs paid – from the Weaver on Tuesday 27 September. 

I will be there from 6.30pm to 8pm or thereabouts on that date, hopefully along with Marshall Barnard who will issue the usual receipts etc.

We will then play the first games of the season on the following Tuesday 4 October.

Question Setters – Weeks 1 & 2

The following teams have volunteered for question setting in the first two weeks of the season – many thanks to them:-

Week 1 questions – i.e. the 4th of October will be done in their entirety by the Ox-fford.

Week 2 (11th of October) questions will be set by the Chester Road Tavern (Specialist) and the Waters Green Rams (General Knowledge).

Week 3 (18th of October) will see two other teams setting the questions, I will let those teams know who they are ASAP. 

I will email everything out once it is done.