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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy

Cars and Vans 4U Ltd are a family run car brokerage on Hulley Road in Macclesfield and they (in the shape of the head honcho Allan Sherratt) very kindly sponsor our trophy for the "best questions" set during the season. They can be contacted via http://www.carsandvans4u.co.uk/index.html

Thank you Allan for putting up the trophy.

Now we have had 5 weeks worth, the latest scores - compiled from various sources which take into account entertainment value, difficulty and balance - are attached here.

Thanks to Haydn Thompson from the Ox-fford 'C' for his efforts in this regard.

Week 5...

Generally a high scoring week and lots of good scores on show in all 3 Leagues.

The Principals are currently top of the A League shop after a 177 - 155 win over the Dolphin in comfortably the highest scoring aggregate game of the night - Alan Levitt and Graham Bailey both top scoring with 45 each for the Principals. The Ox-fford just had enough legs to get by the Dolphin Dragons in a very close fought and entertaining game. The Church House Bollington tried to redefine the idea of a close game in beating the New Castle by 1 point to give themselves their first win of the season. Excellent scores all round in that game - Rick Davis and Shauna Barstow scoring each getting 36 for the Church House and New Castle respectively.

Just as tight in the B League where the Waters Green Wonderers won the top of the table clash with the British Flag by just 3 points, 146 - 143. Wendy Brown top scored for the Wonderers with 33 whilst Nick Peck scored a season's best 30. The Lamb Inn and the Harrington Academicals occupy third and fourth after another close game just edged by the Lamb. Paul Griffiths and Simon Rumsey for the Lamb along with Rob Parkin and Dave Partington from the Academicals all had season's best scores. The Baths Hotel and the Three Crowns were the winners of the other games.

The Knot Inn continue to head the C League after another very impressive win against the always tough to beat (and reigning Plate Champions) Puss Artists. The Knot's mighty score of 163 included another 42 form Brian "Mr Consistency" Bogie and 39 from Derek Goldstraw. The Albion stay second - and are still unbeaten - after a 133 - 106 win against the Waters Green Rams (another excellent 30 from Adum Carr for the Rams). The Chester Road Tavern just beat the Sutton Church House by 7 points whilst the Prince of Wales were more comfortable against the Park Tavern in winning 140 - 110 including 36 from Tim Hayes.

News & Views - Week 5

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Leonardo..?...shurely shome mishtake!

A generally very well received set of questions this week - thanks are due to the Ox-fford 'C'. They included an excellent picture round of people from the artistic world who were either writers, painters or composers (although I failed to spot a rather frightening looking Edward Elgar...)

This picture was Question 2 and the given answer was that renowned Italian smarty pants Leonardo da Vinci. Anyone who has played the Albion however will know that this is clearly Mr Paul Beard, long-time stalwart of this League! I am a trained observer of many years standing, no one can convince me otherwise...

Monday, 3 December 2007

Cup & Plate - Next Round Draw...

FA Cup? Mickey Mouse competition...the real excitement kicks in here...

The Cup and Plate will progress as follows this year:-

The 10 losers of the below games in Round 1 go into the Plate whilst the 10 winners are joined by the 6 teams who had “byes” or set / asked questions last week to make up the last 16 for the Cup.

The 10 teams in the Plate have all played and lost one game and 2 of those teams have been drawn to set questions for the next round, along with a further 4 teams to act as Question Masters for all the games.

Just two of the 10 teams in the Plate need to be eliminated to leave us with the last 8 next time, so there are just 2 games between the remaining 4 teams in Plate Round 1.

After the next round we will be left with 8 teams in the Cup and 8 in the Plate.

Confused...you will be...here is the bottom line...

Cup – Round 2

New Castle v Dolphin Dragons
Cock Inn v Puss Artists
British Flag v Church House Bollington
Waters Green Wonderers v Harrington ‘B’
Dolphin v George & Dragon
Park Tavern v Ox-fford
Harrington Academicals v Three Crowns
Ox-fford ‘C’ v Plough Taverners

Plate – Round 1

Lamb Inn v Knot Inn
Chester Road Tavern v Albion

These games will be played on 22/01/2008.

Questions will be set by the Prince of Wales and the Waters Green Rams who will supply 3 Question Masters each.

The Principals, the Castle, the Sutton Church House and the Baths Hotel will assist with asking questions. These teams will provide 1 Question Master each.

Any other team not mentioned has the night off.

Questions for the Quarter Finals of the Cup and Plate will be set by 2 of the losing teams from the above games. A draw will be made after the above games have been played.

The Cup - Round 1 Results...

Another Round of titanic struggles produced the above results last Tuesday...

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Week 4...

A generally low scoring week this time around with more "personal worsts" than "personal bests" for the season on view.

The odd question has created a bit of ongoing debate - were bagpipes really invented in Iran??? Whilst most people only want to know where the weeping, wailing instruments of tedium were invented so that they can avoid going there, pinning the actual location of their origin is a bit tricky. Various academic sources I have checked since (how sad is that?) all fail to agree on their place of birth. I will simply kick anyone I now see playing them just to make myself feel better for not knowing the answer...

More reasonably, the Ox-fford 'C' head the A League despite their narrow loss to their rivals from across the room, the Ox-fford. The A League indeed had three local derbies this week with the Dolphin beating the Dolphin Dragons with the help of another excellent 45 from Alan Hodgson who has been very consistent this season. The New Castle also got the better of the Castle to maintain their 100% start to life in the A League - most impressive.

The B League sees the British Flag, Waters Green Wonderers and Harrington Academicals heading the table, all of whom have graced the top division in recent years. High scores were thin on the ground but Steve Berwick's 33 for the Wonderers was a notable exception.

Newcomers the Knot Inn head the C League with Brian Bogie top scoring in the League again with 42 - he has clearly done this sort of thing before!

The Puss Artists and the Albion both kept their unbeaten records going with good wins, whilst the Park Tavern got their season going with their first win.

News & Views - Week 4