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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weeks 3 & 4...

Two week's worth of results are attached below and the latest Cars and Vans 4U Ltd spreadsheet will follow as soon as it is available. 

Week 4 saw the first draw of the season with the Ox-fford and Ox-fford 'C' sharing the spoils with 163 points apiece. Week 4 saw some healthy scoring with the Weaver's 191 being the best. No one has ever scored 200 in a game, will it ever be done?

Week 4 was also very much "Derby Day" with a lot of the pubs with two teams playing each other. The Dolphin got the better of the Dolphin Dragons and the Waters Green Phoenix did likewise over the Waters Green Rams. Peter McBride scored 45 for the Dolphin whilst Bob Langstaff chipped in with 42 for the Phoenix. The Taverners beat the Horntails in the Plough Derby, Phil Davies and Julian Amey top scoring with 30 for each team respectively.

Special mention to the Robin Hood who have had a very good couple of weeks, winning both their games to get them off the mark in the C League. 

Week 5 follows on the 15th of November, then back to the Cup and Plate on the 22nd.

News & Views - Week 3 (01/11/2011) & Week 4 (08/11/2011)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Week 1...

And they're off...

Season 31 commenced on time and the "big beasts" of quizzing have hit the ground running. Haydn Thompson from the Ox-fford 'C' has started with a score of 51, whilst the Weaver's Alan Levitt is on his tail with 48. Peter McBride (Dolphin) and Alice Walker (Ox-fford 'C') also racked up scores in the 40s with 45 apiece. The Ox-fford 'C' sit atop the A League after Week 1.

In the B League, the British Flag are off to a storming start, Tony Browne's 36 being a driver behind their first week victory. There were wins also for the Plough Taverners, Albion and Waters Green Phoenix. Bob Langstaff scored a fine 36 for the Phoenix in a very close game against the Lamb Innn, for whom Paul Griffiths replied with the same score. Top of the individual shop goes to Keith Pointon from the Waters Green Rams with a fine 42.

In the C League, the Cock Inn are setting the pace and Peter Wilcox's 36 is the top individual score. We welcome also the Robin Hood who played their first game against the Moores Monopoly, aka the Chester Road Tavern. A fine game ended in a 12-point loss for the Robin Hood against a very experienced team, but a fine start nonetheless and we hope the Hood enjoyed it!

Week 1 will be followed by Week 2 - a fact that will delight the mathematically inclined amongst you, no doubt. See you next week!

News & Views - Week 1 (11/10/2011)

First News & Views and the Cup Draw...

Sunday, 2 October 2011

New Season 2011 - 2012

As the anti-cyclonic gloom of summer turns to the blistering heat of autumn, as well as wondering why the entire seasonal cycle has gone to pot, we welcome back Macclesfield Quiz League for Season 31...

At the AGM last Tuesday we played the Plate Final which was a finely contested affair between the Harrington Academicals and the Plough Taverners, the Harrington Academicals emerging victorious 81-79.

This makes the Harrington Academicals the first team to “retain” the Plate since CAP who won in 2003 and 2004. The memories are rolling in now!

The game was expertly “question mastered” as always by Rick Davis and I would like to thank him along with Allan Sherratt from the Church House Bollington who scored etc. Thanks also to the Lamb Inn and Chester Road Tavern for compiling the questions.

In terms of AGM business, subscriptions remain at £40 for this year.

You can pay the subs and collect all the fixtures / rules / documentation etc from the Weaver, Thornton Square between 6.30pm and 8pm on Tuesday the 4th of October 2011. That is this coming Tuesday for those of you not hidebound by dates and times etc!

I will be there along with Marshall Barnard who will issue the usual receipts etc. Please bring you cheques / cash / postal orders / international money transfers / promissory notes from the Greek Government etc along on that night.

The first game will be the following week on Tuesday the 11th of October.

I have almost finalised the fixtures, but Week 1 questions – i.e. the 11th of October will be done in their entirety by the Ox-fford.

Week 2 (18th of October) questions will be set by the Prince of Wales (Specialist) and the Waters Green Rams (General Knowledge).

Thanks to both for volunteering their services at this early stage.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

And finally...

Many thanks to all who attended the Finals Night on Tuesday.

There was an excellent turn-out, the Cup Final was a finely contested affair and the butties (including quiche!) were very welcome too. I have only a small number of trophies left in my possession; I will contact the winners separately.

The Cup Final was one of the best contests those of us who have seen a few of these can remember. Credit to Nick Peck of the Waters Green Phoenix and Graham Bailey and (especially) Alan Levitt of the Weaver who fettled the excellent questions - which can all be seen via the usual link to Nick's Quiz Site on the top right hand corner of this blog.

The result of a very close saw last year’s runners-up the Ox-fford ‘C’ beat the Dolphin Dragons by just 5 points, 103 – 98.

Congratulations to all concerned.

Thanks also to our very own Cameron and Clegg, otherwise known as Rick Davis and Allan Sherratt, for asking the questions and scoring respectively – much appreciated, your fine efforts added to the night’s entertainment as always.

Thanks also to the Weaver - a great venue and the hospitality - and sandwiches - were very well appreciated.

See below for all the final information and photographs you can shake a stick at, if you are a stick shaking type of course…

The final trophy of this year will be settled at the start of next season as usual. The Plate Final will be:

Plough Taverners v Harrington Academicals

This game will be played at the AGM before the start of next season, date and place to be confirmed, although the place will undoubtedly be the Weaver!

If I don’t see you before we start again, have a great summer and see you in the autumn when we will do it all again.



Cup Final Winners - the Ox-fford 'C'!

Your Cup Final Scrutineers - Rick Davis and Allan Sherratt!

Both sorry to see the end of the season!

A League Individual Winner - Alan Hodgson!

A League Winners - Weaver!

B League Individual Winner - Rick Davis!

B League Winners - Nags Head!

C League Individual Winner - Keith Pointon!

C League Winners - Waters Green Rams!

Finals Night Pictures

Last Round Up...

And so it ends…

18 weeks of titanic struggle has concluded and congratulations are due to the triumphant teams you can identify from the scores below, along with commiserations to those less successful - next season it all starts again..!

In the A League, the Weaver deserve all the congratulations for winning the title for the very first time. More amazingly, this is the first ever A League title for League stalwart and "ever present" since 1981 - Graham Bailey. A well-deserved and long-overdue success for Graham and the team.

The Harrington Academicals and the British Flag will play in the B League next year. Both teams will be missed and were excellent opponents (and good company) throughout the season. Good luck for next time around.

Alan Hodgson won the A League Individual standings with a fantastic 57 on the final week of the season - the highest score on the night by a country mile (or the width of Wayne Rooney's wallet, whichever is thicker...).

Alan wins this title for a record 11th time. No one else is even close in this race. Alan - a fantastic effort, well done.

Mark Watson and Haydn Thompson filled second and third places. on behalf of the various Ox-ffords.

The B League saw the tightest finish to the season with the Nags Head just edging out the Castle by one point. The Nags Head and the Castle both fell through the relegation trap-door last year but have made an immediate return to the A League. Well done to all concerned.

The Albion and Cock Inn will start next season one rung lower, but their time will surely come again.

Rick Davis won the B League Individuall title for the third time (to go with his two C League titles), beating Church House Bollington colleague Ed Baron into second place with Alasdair Reid from the Nags in third.

In the C League, the Waters Green Rams won the title and promotion for the very first time in their current form - congratulations to all for a fantastic season. They will be a force next year in the B League, as will the Plough Taverners who had an excellent campaign in finishing a very deserved second.

Keith Pointon won the C League Individual title by a goodly margin, a first win for Keith in the League to cap a great season for he and his Waters Green colleagues.

Phil Davies (Plough Taverners) and Rosalie James (Knot Know-Alls) complete the top three.

In terms of questions, the Lamb Inn won the Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy with their Specialist questions from Week 10. Congratulations to all those responsible.

Final Cars and Vans 4U Limited Question Setters Trophy

Final League Standings...A, B and C...

Final Week 18 Results

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Week 17...

Tempus fugit…

Tuesday sees the last League games of this season with much still up for grabs. As the dust starts to think about settling on another season, some of the issues are being decided.

Congratulations to Graham Bailey’s Weaver for becoming A League Champions for the first time – the first time in 13 seasons that a tream from the Ox-fford / Dolphin (Bridgewater) hasn’t won, so it is about time we had a change!

Lord knows what will happen in the B League when any two from the top 4 could be promoted and one of them will win it! I’m keeping my money in my pocket and placing no bets on this one…

The C League will have a resounding finish as the top two (and season-long pacesetters) the Plough Taverners and Waters Green Rams meet at the Plough. Whoever wins will be champions.

The last remaining entertainment for the season after all this will be the Finals Night…

The Weaver, Thornton Square, Macclesfield

Tuesday 19th of April 2011

7.30pm onwards for prompt 8pm start.

The evening will consist of the Cup Final initially and then the presentation of all this season's prizes.

The Cup Final will be between the Dolphin Dragons and the Ox-fford ‘C’.

If you haven’t done so already, please submit your 20 questions for the Cup and Plate Finals in a sealed envelope to Waters Green Tavern by close of play tomorrow. Thank you to all those who have sent in questions already.

Also available on the Finals Night will be the season's last News & Views, which will give all the tables and statistics for the entire season. Please support the last “Do” of the season and come and collect your final News & Views - you may even find you have won something!

See you all then if not before.



News & Views - Week 17 (15/03/2011)

Monday, 14 March 2011

Weeks 15 & 16...

As promised, here are two weeks worth of results during which much has happened and the usual “up” and “down” arrows have started to appear…

Particular congratulations to the Plough Taverners and Waters Green Rams on promotion from the C League. They are now just fighting for the title over the last two weeks of the season. Given that they meet on the last week, it should be mighty dust-up to bring down the curtain.

It would be a braver man than I who would forecast the outcome of promotion from the B League with any number of permutations still possible. The A League title will go to either the Weaver or the Ox-fford with the Weaver having the advantage of points on the board at present.

Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy

Haydn has the details and will work his spreadsheet magic – I will let you have it as soon as I do.

Personal Scores

We are now well beyond the stage of the season when just the best 11 or 12 individual scores from however many games you have played are counted – 11 in the A League, 12 in the B and C Leagues. Several players have now played more games than these numbers. Just in case anyone was wondering why their totals had not increased as much as they thought they should have…

Questions for the Cup and Plate Finals…

…should be returned to the bag at Waters Green Tavern by close of business on 23/03/2011 which is the Wednesday after the last night of the season. This is NEXT WEEK.

Please make sure you send in some questions

News & Views - Week 15 (01/03/2011) & Week 16 (08/03/2011)