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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Final Scores...

Many thanks to all who attended the Finals Night on Tuesday.

There was an excellent turn-out, the Cup Final was a finely contested affair and the butties were very welcome too. I have only a small number of trophies left in my possession; I will contact the winners separately.

In the Cup, the Ox-fford 'C' reversed last year's result by beating the Dolphin 117 - 99.

Congratulations to all concerned. Thanks also to our very own Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee, otherwise known as Rick Davis and Allan Sherratt, for asking the questions and scoring respectively – much appreciated, your fine efforts added to the night’s entertainment as always.

Thanks also to the Weaver - a great venue and the hospitality - and sandwiches - were very well appreciated.

The League Champions also deserve much credit, namely the Ox-fford (A League), Puss Heads (B League) and Albion (C League). Well done indeed and see below for details and pictures...

The final trophy of this year will be settled at the start of next season as usual.

The Plate Final will be: - Castle v George & Dragon

This game will be played at the AGM before the start of next season, sometime in September, date and place to be confirmed, although the place will undoubtedly be the Weaver!

If I don’t see you before we start again, have a great summer and I will be in touch…



Cup Winners 2009 - The Ox-fford 'C'

Cup Runners Up - The Dolphin

Your Cup Final Scrutineers - Rick Davis and Allan Sherratt

Our very own Jeff Stelling & Rachel Riley...

Finals Night - A League Winners - The Ox-fford!

The Ox-fford - triumphant despite a chronic trouser shortage...

Finals Night - B League Winners - The Puss Heads!

Finals Night Pictures...some of these people may have been drinking!

Finals Night - C League Winners - The Albion!

Final Scores...

The end is not just near...it is here!

18 weeks of titanic struggle has concluded and congratulations are due to the triumphant teams you can identify from the scores below, along with commiserations to those less successful - next season it all starts afresh!

In the A League, the Ox-fford won the title for the fourth year running, and the Principals enjoyed an excellent season in finishing second. The Principals are surely going to take the title any time soon...

The New Castle and the British Flag fell through the relegation trap-door, but both teams will be missed and were excellent opponents (and good company) through the season.

Mark Watson won the A League Individual standings with Peter McBride second and Haydn Thompson third. Since the turn of the Millennium, Mark and Quiz League Main Man and all round brainbox Alan Hodgson have shared this honour between them. Alan has won a remarkable 10 times, a record that remains a very long way from being beaten...

The B League saw a tight finish to the season with the Puss Heads winning the title by dint of winning one more game than the Knot Inn. Congratulations to both teams - a wonderful effort and promotion to the A League looms.

The Puss Artists and Cock Inn will start next season one rung lower, but their time will surely come again.

The incomparable Rick Davis won the B League Individual title - as he did in 2006/07. Rick also has 2 C League and a D League Individual titles to his name and is officially a "top banana" at this lark.

Alasdair Reid was second - his first Individual "Top 3" since winning the C League Individual in 1991/92. Yes, it was a long time ago...

Ed Baron was an excellent third, giving the Church House Bollington 2 of the Top 3 spots.

In the C League, the Albion won the title and promotion after just missing out last year - congratulations to all for a fantastic season. They will be a force next year in the B League, as will the Crown, having their best season for many years and finishing a very deserved second.

John Hargreaves proved he knows about a lot more things besides Second World War naval battles and won the C League Individual title. Andy Ridgway - a regular "top Tenner" - did even better this year in finishing second for the Crown and the ever reliable John Green from the Harrington 'B' was third. Well done to all.

In terms of questions, the Ox-fford won the Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy with their General Knowledge questions from Week 14. Credit also to the Byron Bards for excellent marks for their first ever set of questions, finishing fourth overall.

Final Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Questions Setters Trophy

Final Results - Leagues A, B and C...

Results - Final Week 18 (28/04/2009)