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Friday, 16 April 2010

Final Scores...

And so it ends…

18 weeks of titanic struggle has concluded and congratulations are due to the triumphant teams you can identify from the scores below, along with commiserations to those less successful - next season it all starts again..!

In the A League, the Ox-fford ‘C’ deserve all the congratulations for winning the title for the very first time, relegating last year’s winners (and stable mates) the Ox-fford into second place.

The Nags Head and the Castle fell through the relegation trap-door, but both teams will be missed and were excellent opponents (and very good company) through the season.

Mark Watson won the A League Individual standings with Haydn Thompson second and Alice Walker third, sharing the top three places between the Ox-ffords.

Very special mention must be made of Haydn Thompson who scored the magical 60 out of 60 full house personal score on the 17th of November 2009. This is only the second time this has happened in League history, the mighty Alan Hodgson being the first to crack it.

Haydn – hats off…

The B League saw a tight finish to the season with the Knot Inn winning the title by just one point from the British Flag. Congratulations to both teams - a wonderful effort and promotion to the A League looms.

The Plough Taverners and Pack Horse Bowling Club will start next season one rung lower, but their time will surely come again.

Art Higham won the B League Individual title for the very first time, just pipping John Hargreaves from the Albion and Rick Davis from the Church House Bollington, both stalwarts at this lark for many years.

In the C League, the Lamb Inn won the title and promotion after just missing out last year - congratulations to all for a fantastic season. They will be a force next year in the B League, as will the Cock Inn who had an excellent campaign in finishing a very deserved second.

Andy Bailey won the C League Individual title by a goodly margin, a second win in 3 years for this title for him. Paul Griffiths and Jackie Hulme – regular “Top Tenners” – did even better this year in finishing joint second for the Lamb Inn and Cock Inn respectively. David Cooper secured a first well deserved “Top Three” finish for the Baths Speedos.

In terms of questions, the Dolphin won the Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy with their Specialist questions from Week 9. This is the first time the Dolphin have ever won this trophy – well done indeed.

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