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Friday, 7 April 2017

Finals Night Photos - 04/04/2017

Cup Finalists - Ox-fford 'C'
British Flag...

Ploughs Various...

Cup Finalists - Royal Oak
There Be Dragons!
Assorted Harringtonians...
Nags Heads...
Cup Final Officials - Derek and Alan
Cup Runners-Up - Royal Oak!

Cup Winners - Ox-fford 'C'!
Cars and Vans 4U Ltd Question Setters Trophy Winners - Ox-fford!
C League 3rd Place Individual - John Poyser!
C League Runners-Up - and promoted - Harrington 'B'!
C League Champions - Plough Horntails!
B League 2nd Place Individual - Keith Pointon!
B League 1st Place Individual - Dave Partington!
B League Individual CHAMPION - Matt Rogers
B League Runners-Up - Waters Green Rams!
B League Champions - British Flag!
A League Individual 2nd Place - the Main Man, Alan Hodgson!
A League Individual Champion - the record-breaking Alice Walker!
A League Runners-Up - Dolphin!
A League Champions - indeed winners of just about everything - Ox-fford 'C'!

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