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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Week 9 - Halfway there...

As we are at the halfway point of the season, the “full hit” of scores thus far is published below, including all individual scores for every player who has played this season.

I have also included all the Cars and Vans 4U Ltd “entertainment” scores thus far and I’ll supply all the necessary information to Haydn for his calculations.

Those of you who follow Nick’s blog will be aware that the Sutton Club, who were due to set the General Knowledge questions last week, were unable to do so and thus we had to “outsource” a replacement set, something I don’t remember happening before. I’ve been doing this little job for almost 18 years now and we’ve never had any team that hasn’t supplied questions in all that time and given what I think is the unique nature of last week’s scenario, I hope we won’t again.

I do have sympathy with the Sutton Club’s situation which led to us having to bail them out. All manner of problems combined at the same time to make life difficult for the Club including the staging of the Sutton Club Annual pantomime which also meant a change of venue for the Sutton Mutton team’s game (oh yes it did…), one team member being on the other side of the world for an extended period and a whole variety of other personal issues which are often easily dealt with in isolation, but not so easily en masse. 

That all said, we certainly don’t want this to set any sort of precedent. This incident must be no more than a “one-off”. I also think we should incorporate something into the rules from next season onwards to ensure a penalty applies in future to any team which falls short of their obligations in anything but circumstances that can’t be avoided.

The GK this week were set as a favour (and at no cost) for the League by a professional event organiser I know through my previous working life. They were done with less than a week’s notice and with not much more guidance as to the sort of questions required than being pointed in the direction of Nick’s blog where several years of previous questions can be found.

Obviously, the Sutton Club won’t be entering the “Cars and Vans 4U” contest, but it is a good indication that the questions were pretty well received in that they would have been in the “Top 10” entertainment table otherwise. The Plough Horntails’ Specialist questions did even better and are 6th in the entertainment table so far – my thanks to them and Dave McGuinness in particular for sorting out their questions last week.

All is still to play for on just about every front, so good luck to all for the second half.

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