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Sunday, 24 January 2010

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Week 10 – where shall we put it...?

As we know, all Week 10’s matches (on the 5th of January, the first week after the Christmas break) were postponed due to the snow. It made sense to do so at the time, indeed very few of us would have made it anyway I suspect. To make sure the correct number of games are played by all teams, we need to re-schedule that week’s games, the questions for which had been compiled by the Plough Taverners and the Baths Speedos.

In terms of rearrangement, our last scheduled game currently is the 16th of March and I had provisionally penciled in Finals Night for two weeks after that which would avoid Easter etc – Good Friday is the 2nd of April and Easter Monday the 5th.

After some thought and consultation, I have decided we will play the missing “Week 10” games on the 23rd of March, the week immediately following the last scheduled games, and then have the Finals night (all things being equal) 3 weeks after that on the 13th of April, which would miss all the Easter holidays and allow time to get all the trophies done etc. That would still leave us finishing a good month earlier than normal – we had the Finals Night on the 12th of May last year.

Please make sure you adjust your diaries accordingly. The games we would have played on the 5th of January will now become the last week of the season on the 23rd of March.

Pussycat Guys = Nags Head

The Pussycat Guys in the A League relocated to the Nags Head in Waters Green earlier in the season after the Puss’s temporary closure. They are staying put for the duration now and have decided to formally call themselves the Nags Head. I have amended all the records for this season accordingly, but if you are ever looking for the Pussycat Guys, the Nags Head is where you will find them.

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