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Monday, 10 March 2008

Paul Beard

Finally this week I must unfortunately make mention to all teams of a serious incident that occurred after the end of last Tuesday’s C League game between the Albion and the Harrington ‘B’. The match was played at the Albion and the Albion team included Paul Beard who has played in the League for many years.

In essence, after the conclusion of the game, Paul Beard assaulted one of the Harrington ‘B’ team members by grabbing him by the throat and pushing him against a wall, accompanied by abusive and threatening language. Other people in the pub then intervened and prevented any further incident or injury. This sort of behaviour is entirely unacceptable and frankly actionable on a formal legal basis should the party involved wish to do so. The party involved has been advised and will consider their position.

I have spoken to those concerned, including Paul Beard of course, who fully admits the physical assault as outlined above and he has stated to me (and many others) that he will take no further part in any Macclesfield Quiz League games in the future.

The League Committee (John Knight, Graham Bailey, Marshall Barnard and I) have met and acted as follows:-

1. We note and accept Paul’s comments that he has no intention of playing any further part in the League from this point onwards
2. In any event, the incident is so serious that we formally ban Paul from playing, watching or otherwise taking part in any way whatsoever in any Macclesfield Quiz League games for the remainder of this season
3. If Paul wishes to participate in the League again at any point after the conclusion of this season, he can only do so if he first contacts any of the Committee (preferably myself) who will meet with him beforehand to discuss (and seek assurances about) his future conduct

The Albion team have been informed of the above and both accept and understand the decisions made. I should stress that no other Albion team members were involved in this incident and that they are all entirely blameless in the matter, indeed I am grateful for their co-operation and understanding subsequently. Paul’s actions were, and remain, entirely his own responsibility.

I am sure the matter will end there. If it does not, please let me know.

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