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Monday, 11 February 2008

Week 10...

A tough set of questions this week and "Personal Best" scores were harder to come by than an Alex Ferguson smile on Sunday afternoon...

All credit then to this week's top scorer - Jon Thompson from the Waters Green Wonderers with a terrific 39.

9 of the 11 games played this week were won by the team going first in the Specialist round with the other 2 won by the team going second.

Last week’s Specialist questions were the most difficult we’ve had either in this season or last. Last season’s lowest total in the Specialist questions was 888. The previous lowest this season was 998 in Week 9. This set totalled 771 by all teams. T
he questions also scored on average 24% higher for teams going first.

The GK set were more balanced, being only marginally more difficult than average and only very moderately biased in favour of the team that went second (i.e. first in the Specialist round).

In the A League, the Principals, Ox-fford 'C' and Dolphin all won by similar-ish margins, although the Castle ran the Principals very close with consistent scoring from all the players involved.

The British Flag strengthened their grip at the top of the B League although everyone is still forming a very tight queue behind them. Congratulations to the Cock Inn who move into second place.

The George & Dragon have finally broken the hoodoo and posted their first win of the season, and indeed scored more than any other team in the B League this week in doing so. The Lamb Inn and the Baths Hotel contested the closest game of the week with the Baths edging it by just one point.

The Knot Inn opened up a small gap at the top of the C League after beating the Chester Road Tavern and the Puss Artists now hold second place after a good win over the Park Tavern.

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